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About Fool’s Tools

Now with True Multichain wallet: see all your tokens from different blockchains at the same time, even if they’re from different blockchains.

We’re building tools to make DeFi easier for everyone.

Price alert, exchange aggregator, profit/loss analysis, charts, comments, and many other features all in a simple and unified mobile friendly tool.

One easy tool to track all your gains and never forget your investments. Including generated LPs.

Multi swap

This tool will check the prices of several exchange platforms, like Pancakeswap, to find the best price for you. It’s easy to actually save money and time (which is also money, right?) with this feature, because it’s an automatic process. Also, in the token page you have 2 different buttons to sell and buy, to make it easier, with fewer clicks.

Wallet network

One wallet to keep all your assets. Isn’t that convenient? Fool’s Tools can handle your valuable possessions across different chains, displayed in a way that is intuitive and that provides you with instant insight on the situation, with mini charts for every token with no need to open them one by one. It’s mobile friendly and gives you all sorts of other options, like adding favorites or hiding the ones you don’t want to see.

Buy/sell history

Track any wallet buy/sell history. When you click on a wallet in the latest transactions, Fool’s Tools will show you on the chart when that person bought and sold. It’s very interesting both for analysis and for fun. You can later share a specific transaction to anyone if you want to embarrass a friend or to conduct an analysis on a suspect wallet. Also you can easily see the average price at what that person bought and sold and how much profit they made on a specific token.


gain & loss
for all closed

Let’s check how bad (or surprisingly well) you managed your investments. This tool goes through all of your transactions and gives you a panoramic view on the balance of your operations, matching the value of your assets at the time you bought and sold. It only analyzes closed trades, which is what matters for tax reasons.

We all love
apeing into
new projects

But it’s hard to remember
, and way too easy
to forget where you put your
. Many still use excel
files, but we wanted a tool
that makes it more practical

How much does it cost?

They are very expensive! But our tools are still under construction and will be for a very long time. They are available only to Testers

Wait was all that "TEST" token on purpose?

Absolutely not! Test is the saddest accidents of all. We can't stop anyone from buying it, so at least we figured we're going to support them with a long term underlying value. For the time being, TEST holders will be the only ones allowed to use our tools or benefit special features.

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